A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Ludum Dare 41 (Check it out here: 

This game started out as a mix of breakout and a card game, and ended up merging Ice hockey and Solitaire.

Rules are pretty straight forward and can be viewed in-game (disabled by pressing "U").

1. You click the top of the deck to draw a card
2. You throw the card towards the face down cards
3. When/if it hits one of those cards, it'll have a different reaction.
   If your card is lower, it'll stack. (Stacking a 0 will remove the entire stack)
   If your card is equal, it'll remove both cards
   But if your card is greater, the cards will all fall back to the table
4. You can grab cards that are falling back (but you can only hold one card at a time!)
5. You'll lose if too many cards fall off the table
6. And you'll win if all cards are successfully hit


Breacard (ldjam41) 21 MB

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