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A game made for the Ludum Dare 34. A platformer where you start with 2 abilities, and slowly grow/unlock more as you progress and try to make it to the end.

Start with only 2 abilities - Respawning ('R') and the Shockwave ('X').
The next abilities are unlocked in this order, by collecting the 'power' squares:

  • Jumping (Space)
  • Left/Right movement ('A' & 'D' or 'left' & 'right')
  • Transform ('F' - for zombie)
    ('F' while holding 'S' or 'down' - for metal (if standing above it))
  • Laser from da brain ('left control')
  • Hover / Charged Jump
    ('Shift' (in the air) / Holding 'Shift' when pressing 'Space')

Post Jam Fixes:

  • Removed the green outlines for collision checking. Opps
  • Kinda fixed the collision error with powers and end screen
  • Added text to top left corner so current powers are known


JacksRevelation1.1.exe 7 MB

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